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Stefan Schultze

Pianist, Komponist

A Berliner by choice, Schultze studied piano and composition in Cologne and in New York. He occupies the interface between new music, improvisation and jazz with which he has most definitely created his own style. His artistic projects cover a spectrum of compositions for small and large ensembles, from leading larger ensemble formations, to initiating and producing cultural-political music projects on national and international stages.

Stefan Schultze has founded and led a number of award-winning ensembles. With long-term cooperation partners such as the Goethe Institute and the German Foreign Office, he has completed concert tours and residencies worldwide.

Besides his great passion for collective sounds, Schultze has been giving increasing focus to a number of solo projects, such as “The Pulsepusher Suite” for prepared piano and his solo album “System Tribe” (WhyPlayJazz).

Stefan Schultze is the director of the Master’s program for Composition / Contemporary Jazz at HKB Bern, Switzerland.