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Stanislas Pili

Performer und Komponist

Stanislas Pili is a performer and composer of contemporary music. He was born in south Sardinia and he is based in Bern. He works on different projects of solo and ensemble of experimental music creations, contemporary music repertoire, staging of multidisciplinary spectacles and improvisation. He obtained a Diploma in Percussion in Italy, at the Conservatory of Turin. He specialized in orchestral repertoire at the Accademia Santa Cecilia in Rome and at the Conservatory of Maastricht. He collaborated with Italian and European orchestras and Opera Houses, and since the beginning of his studies he has worked in the field of contemporary music, music theatre and electronics until he has finally chosen to devote his career to this field.

In Switzerland he studied in the department of Composition and Creative Practice in Hochschule der Künste Bern and he was scholarship holder of Fondation Nicati-de Luze.

He performed in international festivals and new music venues like: Darmstadt Ferien Kurse für neue Musik, Impuls Graz, Milano Musica, SMC Lausanne, Pakt Bern, Musica in Prossimità Pinerolo, Musik Theater Formen Gare du Nord Basel, Zoom In für Improvisierte Musik Bern, Acht Brücken Köln, Neubad Luzern, WIM Bern, IGNM Basel, Les Jardins Musicaux Cernier, Fondazione Cini Venezia.

He performed with ensembles like Collegium Novum Zürich, CoMET (Collettivo Musica Elettroacustica Torino), NEC (Nouvel Ensemble contemporain), ETET (Ensemble This Ensemble That). He also collaborated with composers like Michael Maierhof, Simon Steen Andersen, Fabrizio di Salvo, Alexander Schubert, Chloé Bieri, Ramon Bischoff, Carlo Barbagallo, Alessandro Perini and Tim Parkinson.


Regime Orizzontale (2018)

Composition and performance : Stanislas Pili