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Luis Azcona


Luis Azcona is a contemporary percussionist from Zaragoza, Spain, now based on Bern, Switzerland. He’s specialized on Sound Arts and Chamber music. Luis bases his work on the exploration between poetry, sociology and politics. His aesthethic universe is situated between noise, post-percussion, historical approach of contemporary music, and an avant-garde taste of the art experience.

He's studying percussion in HKB, and has collaborated closely with composers such as Alberto Bernal, Wojtek Blecharz, Yiran Zhao, Michael Maierhof or Arturo Corrales. He’s also premiered pieces by Alberto Bernal (2021), Voro García, Christian Spitzenstaetter, Wataru Mukai, Gemma Ragués, David Julián Carrillo or Marina Picaporte.

He has been directed by conductors as Peter Rundel, Nacho de Paz, Peter Eötvos or Fabián Panicello, and collaborated with ensembles as Nuevo Contemporáneo, NEKO3, Freixenet, Me.Da. or Academia para la Nueva Música. He’s part of collectives of new creation as Cuarto de Tono or LiQen.