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Samuel Reinhard

Composer, Artist

Samuel Reinhard (b. 1980) is a Swiss artist and composer of electroacoustic music. Guided by minimalist and aleatoric tenets, Reinhard's work emphasizes repetition and extended duration. His compositions are not unlike tapestries, built from shifting horizontal threads between which emerge unexpected resonances as they iterate and layer. From a distance unassuming and all but eventless, Reinhard’s work is nonetheless driven by constant, subtle inner change. In his compositional practice he engages with sonic matter and processes like instrumentation and recording on a granular level, while interrogating and exploring the intricacies of perception and the act of listening itself. In addition to his musical output, Reinhard produces interdisciplinary installations that use sound as a subtle tool to shape the perception of a given space. His installations move away from object-oriented notions of art, focusing instead on the complex perceptual relationships that linger in the object’s absence. Reinhard earned his MA in Contemporary Arts Practice (Music & Media Arts) from Bern University of the Arts. He lives and works between Bern and New York City.