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Lucie Chollet


Lucie was born in France, in 1995. She started cello aged 5, and never stopped ever since. She studied with François Salque at the HEMU Lausanne, and with Conradin Brotbek at the HKB Bern. She took part in academies such as the International Ensemble Modern Akademie in Frankfurt (2020-2021), the Schleswig Holstein festival Orchestra (2018) and the Lucerne festival academy (2019 and 2022).

She is a member of the french theater company « Coriace Compagnie » since 2018, for which she performs as a musician and creates live stage music. She is also currently collaborating with the Theatre de la Grenouille in Biel.
As a chamber musician, she appeared in festivals such as Forum Wallis, Musik Festival Bern and Sion Festival. She had the oportunity to play with Ensemble Modern and Collegium Novum Zürich.

She is also active in the free improvisation field and performed in Progr Bern together with saxophonist Rocio Sanchez Gallego.
Lucie enthusiastically collaborates with composers and artists with other disciplines.

She is also very active in teaching, where she privileges a creative, multifaceted approach. She occasionally leads creative improvisation workshops, in music schools or elementary schools.


Lucie Chollet (2022)

Lucie Chollet