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Nuría Carbó


Núria Carbó is a Spanish percussionist, performer and creator born in Castelló, Spain, and currently based in Bern, Switzerland. Specialized in contemporary music for soloist, chamber, ensemble music and sound arts, she is studying Master in Contemporary Percussion with Brian Archinal at the Hochschule der Künste Bern.

She has been finalist in numerous competitions, as the Juventudes Musicales de España (Madrid) and the Berlin Price for Young Artists, what has brought her the opportunity to record and play solo pieces in important venues around Europe, as the Elbphilharmonie (Hamburg) and Musikbrauerei (Berlin).

Her musical repertoire goes from classical- contermporary music to new-creation music, passing through new complexity and post-percussion pieces.

She has worked closely with composers such as Helmut Lachenmann, Michael Maierhof, Voro García, Simon Steen-Andersen, João Carlos Pinto and Helena Cánovas, discussing their pieces and doing studio recordings with some of them and has worked with ensembles and chamber groups such as the Nouvelle Ensemble Contemporain, Vertigo Ensemble, ICE3 Ensemble, Aléoç Duo, Input Duo, OBC, OCM and OSV and has been directed in these formations by directors of the carving of Emilio Pomarico, Hannu Litnu, Victor Pablo Pérez and Antoni Ros Marbà, among others, thus consolidating an extensive experience in chamber music and large ensembles.