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Tobias Reber veröffentlicht neue CD zusammen mit Erik Emil Eskildsen!

14. Februar 2018

Hinter dieser neuen ambienten Musik steckt eine Menge Hirnkraft

180214 Tobias

Kollaborateure und gute Freunde sind Tobias Reber & Erik Emil Eskildsen, die nun ihr erstes gemeinsame Album veröffentlichen: possibilities vol. 1

Tobias schreibt:

"The album was expertly mixed and mastered by Markus Reuter. It's my first release of proper ambient music, a genre I have loved for so many years. The four pieces are free-tonal in nature, meaning they have no tonal center. When we recorded the basic material for each piece in my atelier in early 2016, Erik and I divided up the 12 notes of the octave into two pools. We would then start improvising with one note pool each, but alternate pools every 60 or 90 seconds. In arranging the pieces, we would then play the recorded tracks at half speed, cut them in half and layer them on top of - or rather, below - the originals, making very few edits in the process. This means that all material appears twice, at different speeds in different octaves - a simple technique I first applied in centrozoon's (guest artists @ pakt bern's concert series soapbox_013 #1) field 1 over a decade ago. But it's not all chromaticism: dense clusters often will give way to diatonic passages - an effect I have loved in metal music, but also in contemporary classical pieces. This is also the first time I contributed the artwork for an album."

Wir gratulieren dir Tobias zum neuen Album!

Seid ihr neugierig auf diese Musik? Unter folgendem Link ist er zum reinhören und kaufen bereit: https://tobiasreber.bandcamp.c...

180214 Erik