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OUT NOW | repeat one_two songs von Annette Schmucki

30. September 2020

für zwei separate stimmen und zuspiel
myriam pruvot und antoine läng, stimmen

Annette Schmucki loves to press the repeat mode button (you know, like that thing on antique cds players !). In « Repeat one_two songs », she voluntary creates confusions between live and pre-recorded voices of Myriam Pruvot and Antoine Läng. The two well known vocal exprerimentalists react to an audio score onyl they can hear, over an accompaning track. Beyond the technic, Annette Schmucki assembles multiple languages, spoken and sung voices, phrases, words, sounds, in an new abstract poetry that occasionnaly turns into an almost pop song. Will you guess what are Myriam and Antoine’s favorite songs at the core of the piece while Annette is zooming on the mecanical fonctions of the mouth ?