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SOAPBOX’23 | “Nur Rauschen, solo rumore”

Freitag, 17 Mär. 2023 - 20:00 Uhr

progr_013, PROGR, Eingang PROGR West

“Solo rumore” is a multimedia concert based on the noise by Alberto Anhaus. The concert is divided in 2 macro-sections: “In-Out_In” and “Going slow, vai piano”.

Alberto Anhaus

“In-Out_In” is a creation that mixed the acoustic and electronic noise, generated from an acoustic vibration of temple bowls; the sound, moved around the room by the performer, acts like the focal point of this first section. The noise will be then processed through a feedback system with a no input mixer and different effect pedals. The central station of the set up is enrich by a resonating metal sheet placed as extension of the table. The dramaturgy suggested itself the title of this creation, “In-Out_In” is indeed the journey of the sound, inside and outside the mixer.

The second section is “Going slow, vai piano” a droning composition that consists in a slow droning created by the overlapping of 6 electronic and electric-acoustic devices that play different independent music lines. In the sealing ( if possible) or in a wall will be projected a video created by the digitalized and processed video from a travel I have done in the last summer.

“Going slow, vai piano” is a reflection around the idea of the sustainable travel, preferring slower way to move around for appreciating the travel in itself.

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Im Anschluss an das Konzert findet ein Apéro statt.

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SOAPBOX’23 | “Nur Rauschen, solo rumore”


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