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Monoliths for Septet

Mittwoch, 20 Apr. 2022 - 19:00 Uhr

progr_013, PROGR (Eingang PROGR West)

"Monoliths for Septet" is a repertoire of original pieces for improvisers. These pieces are based on forms derived from melodies or rhythms used for both improvisation and composition, thus generating a common thread through all compositions. All the "Monoliths" are from the same block of material, bringing coherency to the repertoire. This repertoire is similar to "musical blocks" at rest.

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Monoliths For Septet April 22


Piano, Composition - Matthieu Mazué

Drums - Michael Cina

Saxophones - Diego Manuschevich

Clarinet - Catalina Gutiérrez

Electric Guitar - Cyrill Ferrari

Double Bass - Benjamin Jaton

Double Bass - Johanna Pärli