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Allure: “Apilaptok” Release

Samstag, 11 Feb. 2023 - 20:00 Uhr

pakt-Raum 013, PROGR Bern (Eingang PROGR-West)

Allure trio release their first album "Apilaptok".


Mechanical and organic, violent and calm, "Allure trio" feeds on these dualities.

Formed around the composer and bassist Ulysse Loup, the trio explores the world of contemporary jazz. Inspired by the sound textures of free improvisation, the strict writing of contemporary music and the many rhythms of jazz, the trio's music plays around stylistic boundaries. Navigating between strict writing and improvisation, the trio's primary objective is the search for "sound"

Their first album "Apilaptok" is set to release in February 2023. Written in Greenland, this album translates to music the great wild spaces that are sometimes calm but often violent.

Allure: “Apilaptok” Release


bass/composition - Ulysse Loup

piano - Daniel Hernandez

drums - Michael Cina